Palm Tree Removal

Palm tree removal is a great way to keep your beloved tree’s aesthetic beauty alive and promote its excellent health. But, there are also times when the palm tree needs to go. For example, the main tree is lumbering for other reasons. A weak root system may be another of those reasons. And a windstorm may be knocking it down.

palm tree removalIf you have a large palm tree causing a significant amount of traffic problems in your yard, and if you have a town that prohibits cutting the tree, you may need to consider having it removed. The best time to have it removed is in spring. The large dormant trees that are still alive have the most potential for stumps. Stump removal can be a fairly difficult process, so it would be best to have it done by professionals.

But what if the town that you live in does not allow arborists to do palm tree removal? What if you don’t live near an arborist? There is an answer to this problem, too. That is to take matters into your own hands and do it yourself. It is not as easy as it sounds, though. It is worth the time it takes to research this option.

Some methods people use for removing a dying palm tree stump involve using large mechanical equipment. Unfortunately, while it does cut down the length of the stump, it also completely removes any roots. That is unfortunate because removing roots means that the stump cannot ever grow back again.

One method often recommended for stump removal by arborists is digging a hole for the stump to grow in. Sometimes this is done using heavy earth or brick. The problem with this is that it may never completely drain the root ball, leaving a wet, toxic mess. Another method people use for Palm tree removal is to cut out portions of the stump and use low-pressure soil water to try and solve the problem. However, after doing this a few times, it becomes apparent that using this method is not very effective.

In addition to not draining the roots, this method can also damage the trunk and leave a scar. That is why many people choose to have a palm tree removal service to remove these dead branches for us today. Arbours and yards can be severely damaged by this method, and Palm arborists know how to eliminate the problem. Instead of removing them by hand, they will pump the ground for a healthy ecosystem. It is one way that palm arborists save you money, time, and energy when you need a palm tree removal service today!