Benefits of Using SilageWrap Silage Film Instead of Mesh Netting When Tying Bales

The farmer has long appreciated the benefits of using the silage film instead of mesh netting when tying bales at a farm or ranch. And now you can also use this product to do this at half the time when you use the mesh netting for tying bales. This is especially helpful because you are not tied up with one end of the bale, and the SilageWrap silage film is attached to both ends, so it holds a position while still allowing you to maneuver.


This is similar to how traditional mesh netting works. The bale of hay is tied, and then the sides are tied together so that when the bale is moved, the edges will stay in place. This can be very frustrating if the edges are not in an even pattern. Also, it can be quite difficult to make sure that the ball is properly tied as there is more than one mesh in the mesh netting.


With the SilageWrap silage film, you only need one side to tie to each bale. You also don’t have to worry about evenly spacing the edges as the sides are pre-attached and then kept in place by the film. That means that you can easily make sure that your bale is properly tied. As well, if the ball breaks, you don’t have to worry about losing money since you only lose the side you are tied to and the film itself.


These products are also very cost-effective. If you are going to be using more than one bale of hay at a time, the cost savings are tremendous. However, the cost savings can also be dramatic if you were to go from using mesh netting to using imaging film. Both have pros and cons, but using one or the other can work out better for you, depending on your needs.


One of the most significant advantages of the silage film is the fact that you can cut the film as you need to. If you want to cut through an area where there is a little excess material, it is very simple to remove and put back together again without tearing any of the films. If you are cutting down a whole bale of hay, it is a lot easier to work with and can be accomplished by hand.


Another advantage is the fact that you can also cut the film into other shapes. You can make any shape that you want to. and if you are going to use this product in a hay rafter, the shape can come in handy. You can use these shapes as a cover for a bunch of bales that have not yet been tied, or you can use it to cover up space in between bales. Whatever your design, you will appreciate the convenience of the SilageWrap silage film.