Cleaning Brass Door Handles

Why brass door handles? The good thing about brass is its warm glow. Although silver is often spectacular and adds to make very clean lines, brass goes a step further and is warmer, with plenty of personalities. As a result, many have begun to favour softer and warmer colours of brass as a discerning purchasing public, including burnished bronze, hammered gold, and ratified silver. We feel that there are three major reasons why brass door handles are so popular – they’re stylish, they add a great finish to any home, and that’s generally what buyers are looking for!


There are several different finishes you can get with brass door handles. From antique finishes, which include details like pebbled brass and tiny filigree, to modern blends that are very sleek, the style will differ from buyer to buyer. If you consider investing in brass handles, it’s worth finding out whether or not the original finish is included. If this is not the case, you can either choose to match the finish or work with brass handles with no finish.


You can buy brass door handles in several ways, but some methods are easier than others. The easiest option is to purchase them and then spray paint them yourself. It may mean that you do not have the skill or expertise to do the job by hand, but you should achieve a decent finish with a few helpful guides. Alternatively, you could purchase a ready-made brass handle and then hire a professional to spray paint it for you. Hiring a professional to do this is generally expensive, but if you have the time and money to invest, it may be the best way to go.


The method used to clean the brass door handles will depend on the type of tarnish that has been picked up on the surface. A soft cloth is used to wipe the surface for pewter gently, whilst a slightly dampened toothbrush is used to scrub it clean gently. For a nickel, the same treatment is followed, however, it is important to note that if there is any metal involved in the tarnish, then this must be carefully removed before any further cleaning takes place. A soft cloth and an appropriate toothbrush are then used to gently scrub the surface until it is clean and free from any metal contaminants. If there are any wires or joints on the handle, then these must also be carefully removed before proceeding to the next stage.


For antique brass door handles, you can clean the surfaces using a soft cloth or rinsing them with warm water and a mild soap solution. It is important to remember that polishing pads are not usually recommended when cleaning worn brass, as the polish can easily scratch the surface. Instead, it is necessary to use a special polish designed for brass, or polish specially made for antique brass door knobs. This special polish is applied to a very soft cloth, and once applied carefully, can provide a great degree of protection. In addition, as the polish is extremely thin, it will normally leave just enough of a finish for the surface to look decent without leaving too much of a shine.