What is Professional Landscape Design?

Landscape design is an art and an independent profession practised by landscape architects, blending science and art. In modern practice, landscape architecture blends the art of architecture with landscape designing. This practice forms the basis of the garden designer’s work. A landscape architect aims to bring into being beautiful and useful extensions of the house or building exterior. They use landscape design Adelaide, plants and trees, water features, lighting and materials to create spaces that can enhance the look of the house or garden. Landscape architecture also includes outdoor lighting and the design of water features such as fountains.

A landscape architect’s job is to plan and create places that will best serve the purposes of the users. They use all the means at their disposal to beautify the garden, increasing the value of the land and its surroundings. A landscape architect has the unique challenge to create aesthetically pleasing spaces that will meet the needs and expectations of their clients. Some landscape designs can be very complicated and time-consuming. Others, however, can be easily implemented by hiring a professional landscape architect. Landscape architecture is practised all over the world, and there are many advantages of having such gardens.

Firstly, landscape design Adelaide adds value to the property. Most people want to own a property that is attractive to the eye and captures the imagination. Moreover, people want their gardens to be very functional to use for different purposes. Thus, a well designed and maintained garden becomes an asset that is worth investing in.

Secondly, built environment spaces such as pools and patios, driveways, and pedestrian spaces provide people with a pleasant and relaxing outdoor experience. Such areas become the ideal places to entertain guests, relax, play games or sit and have a good time. These outdoor spaces are also essential for catering to family needs, and a well-designed backyard or porch can even become the family’s urite hang-out. When properly designed and maintained, these spaces can be used as a great education and training centre for the kids.

Thirdly, a well-designed garden has a strong appeal and can quickly draw potential buyers and homeowners into the property. This is especially true for buyers who are looking for luxury and peace at a relatively low cost. People want a place where they can relax, spend time with their children and not feel crowded and congested by many people. With the introduction of urban design in the 20th century, people are now looking for a greener, more compact environment that offers improved privacy. Thus, adding a simple water feature or a garden bench, along with appropriate landscape architecture such as formal planting of shrubs, will immediately create an appealing outdoor space for buyers to take in and enjoy themselves.

Fourthly, beautiful landscapes add value to your home. Good landscape architecture can increase the property’s overall value by making the property appear more attractive and appealing. Some real estate agents consider it landscapes the defining element that makes or breaks a home sale. In many cases, homes with superior landscape architecture sell significantly less than comparable homes without the aesthetic quality of well-designed landscapes.

Finally, well-designed gardens enhance the energy efficiency of a house, and they reduce energy use due to the smaller footprint of gardens. Good landscape design also contributes to a healthy mind and body. Studies have shown that spending time in nature lowers blood pressure, increases circulation and eases muscle tension, easing stress. Thus, a well-designed built environment can significantly improve one’s life.

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