Net_Wrap Balers Twine: How is it Used?

What are Net_Wrap balers twine, and how is it used? It is the most popular form of twine used in hay bale farming. We will explain how it works, how to use it correctly and the role it plays in the long term successful operation of a hay bale farm.


The term “Baler Twine” actually has several different meanings depending on where you are and what country you come from. In the UK it is usually referred to as cotton twine. Cotton twine has been used in the UK for many years. It is a strong thread that has been treated with water. It is used for many different things, including garters, tights and even sewing.


In the USA, where I live, the term “Baler Twine” is more commonly used. The name is derived from a man called Ralph Baler who had the idea to tie up hay in rope. The rope was known as a “Sickle” as it was originally from the same line as “Heal Sickle”. At first, Ralph Baler sold the rope, but after creating a demand for hay bales and other items from the same strand, he started making them himself.


“Baler” means “twine” in French, which is why we have shortened it to “Baler” and in some countries, the name has stuck. It is used mainly for tying hay bales together and is made from sheepskin or deerskin. The most common material used for making balers is the old fashioned woollen “skin” towel which can either be cow or sheep or deer. Often the cloth used is dyed to make it unique to the one who made it.


Bales have two layers and are tied with baler twine. The two layers are the inner covering of the bale, often called the “bale spine” and the outer layer that is attached at the top and bottom by what is known as “manifolds”.


Bales are often made as a large quantity of hay and grasses are spread out to make space for the bales. It may be a hedge or a field. A number of hay bales can be stacked up in an area to make a larger bale. It is normally a lot cheaper to buy bales from a farmer as opposed to buying from a store that may not be experienced in the business of making Net_Wrap balers twine.


In Canada, we also call Net_Wrap balers twine or bale wood. It can be sold both in stores and on the internet.


The baler twine in a hay bale can be an excellent tool to use, but it needs to be used properly. Too much of it will ruin the bale and leave it hanging from the spool of the bale spin. There should be no pinching of the bale as this is a sure way to lose out on money.