What’s the Difference Between Clear Correct Adelaide and Invisalign? Every Important Thing You Need to Know

This article is dedicated to comparing Clear Correct Adelaide and Invisalign. Both of these cosmetic dental products were touted to be the same. However, they are entirely different, and you will see as we differentiate each other. This article will hopefully shed some light and information on both methods as to why they are different and why you should consider each one of them.,


Clear Correct

Have you been wearing braces for quite some time now? If so, then you might be familiar with both Clear Correct and Invisalign. Clear Correct Adelaide, in particular, has many things in common with Invisalign. Both are clear and transparent aligners used for straining and correcting teeth. At the same time, both encourage that you wear their aligners for a significant period to fix your teeth. In many cases, the patient wears Clear Correct aligners for an entire day or depending on his or her dental needs.


When you choose Clear Correct dental treatment, you will have access to the following treatment packages:


  • Limited 6 Treatment – provides six sets of Clear Correct aligners for a set period.
  • Limited 12 Treatment – provides twelve sets of Clear Correct aligners for a set period.
  • UNLIMITED treatment – provides patients with an extensive set of Clear Correct aligners for a set period.



Yet another variant of plastic aligners, Invisalign is also similar to Clear Correct. Patients also wear both clear aligners for their top and bottom jaws. Invisalign gradually shifts the teeth and slowly straightens them after a set period. Unlike the traditional braces that most people are accustomed to wearing, you can remove your Invisalign aligners when you eat or drink. You also need to remove your aligners when you’re cleaning your mouth. Make sure you clean your mouth thoroughly before inserting the Invisalign aligners back to their mouth.


Similar to Clear Correct Adelaide, Invisalign also encourages the patient to wear their aligners for an entire day for a set period. Once that period is over, the patient will then be given the option to switch to a new set of aligners or continue with their current plan. During the duration of the treatment, patients will wear their aligners for either six months to an entire year depending on their dental condition.


Here’s a list of package options that Invisalign offers:


  • Invisalign Full – the standard treatment option that provides the best results; Treatment on the entire teeth.
  • Invisalign Lite – a milder and shorter version of the Full version; it’s only suitable for minor cases.
  • Invisalign Express 10 – an affordable option for less complicated orthotic treatments.
  • Invisalign Express 5 and i7 –less expensive treatments for crowding issues and other minor spacing issues.