Makita Power Tool Sets – The Best in Versatility

Makita power tools are amongst the greatest in the industry. An industry leader with over a century of history, the Japanese brand makes everything from electric drills to hammers and drivers to saws. Every Makita power tool kit is designed with the utmost performance and consumer protection in mind. Their tools have been awarded prestigious ratings by leading consumer product associations like the Consumer Electronics Association and The National Power Company of America. With millions of sets sold and many thousands restored and changed hands, the company is a juggernaut as far as tool brands go.

makita setThe makita set includes a slew of saws, drills, and drivers covering just about every job you can imagine. From woodworking to metals, from plumbing to automotive work, the Makita power tools have a versatile range for all purposes. Among their favourites are their handheld jigsaws, which are ideal for trimming and precision sanding. Also popular are their circular saws, which are fast, accurate, and suitable for cutting down trees and other large branches. The circular drills are also a favourite among homeowners, especially those who do not have much space to work with. These compact machines are ideal for nailing down a nail, filling a crevice, or producing intricate details on architectural details.

If you have a circular saw and a drill press, you should consider adding a cordless circular saw to your Makita power tools set. With its lightweight design and ease of use, it’s perfect for any do-it-yourselfer or amateur builder. On top of being extremely compact and lightweight, a circular saw will save you time because it doesn’t require a cord to operate. It eliminates the need to make several trips to your wall socket to plug it in or carry a large battery with you.

Although Makita does make power tools that are more geared towards professional applications, you’ll still find some that are perfect for the home. Among the pliers, saws, and drill drivers included in their power toolsets, there is a line of cordless circular saws that are built to be powerful, accurate, and durable. The best feature? They run on batteries! And although they are only intended for household uses, these compact tools will cut a straight line in any material up to 18 inches in diameter.

You can use these same power tools for general home projects as well. Pliers, a screwdriver, an Allen key, and a hammer are just some of the essential items you will need to get your job done. However, with their size and power, you’ll need a truck, trailer, or mount to transport these tools to a job site. If you will only be working at a job site for a few minutes at most, it is not necessary to have a large enclosed storage area for these compact power tools.

In addition to the Makita power toolset, you will also find the all-in-one cordless impact driver and wrenches packaged into this kit at This package includes an impact driver with an oscillating feature, a socket wrench, a wrench set including a cord, and an adjustable torque wrench. You will have all you need to get your job done fast. It doesn’t get any quicker than that.