How Does a Chiropractor Help You?

A chiropractor is someone who gets spinal adjustments regularly to relieve pain. Often, all you have to do is get a quick correction, but other techniques can help the body and mind work appropriately if done regularly. When you first get your treatment, your chiropractor will generally use his hands to make adjustments, but they can also use other tools like a hand crank and electric wheelchair lift to help you with your treatment. These tools help to increase the flow of blood and oxygen to various parts of your body. They can also strengthen weak muscles and tendons and make them more effective.


Chiropractors believe that many illnesses are caused by misalignment of the vertebrae in the spine. The Walkerville-Chiropractic will use many different types of treatments to try and correct these vertebrae. You will likely be given a warm, personalized examination in the office, which includes x-rays, muscle tests, and other information to diagnose and treat you for whatever condition you may be suffering from. Sometimes, patients are referred to other specialists such as orthopedists, cardiologists, and neurologists for additional treatments. Your chiropractor will work with these other health professionals to find the best treatment for you so that you can address your specific problem and stop the source of your ailments.

Many chiropractors offer relief to neck and back pain. If you suffer from one specific pain, your chiropractor may be able to recommend a specific course of treatment for it. He may suggest therapy, physical therapy, or even alternative medicine if he believes it will help you. These other health practitioners will often encourage you to see your chiropractor Adelaide instead of going to a doctor since the chiropractor knows your problem is better equipped to treat it. They will frequently encourage you to start taking a herbal supplement to combat pain and promote overall wellness. By working together with the right chiropractor, you can find relief to your specific aches and pains without having to take medication or go through invasive surgery.

Some of the common ailments treated at the Walkerville-Chiropractic include pinched nerves, herniated discs, spinal stenosis, jaw pain, and low back pain. When the chiropractor is performing his treatments, he uses his hands to massage and rub soft tissues along the spine and apply pressure to certain areas of the vertebrae and nerve. The chiropractor will manipulate the spine by applying controlled forces along the vertebrae and the nerves or vessels affected by this action. He manipulates the spine and its structures and applies quick and precise movements, holding the motion for a few seconds and relaxing for a different rhythm. Many chiropractors use their hands on the upper arms or legs, but their fingers are often used to stimulate nerves or penetrate the muscle tissue for better pain relief.

Another technique the chiropractor will use is physical therapy. This involves educating the patient about their body, the structures of the spine, the joints, muscles and bones, etc.

The goal of physical therapy is to promote healing of the joints and flexibility of the muscles and bones while relieving the discomfort caused by such disease, injury or deformity. It also helps the patient improve their range of motion, endurance, and muscle strength.

To help patients with a spinal issue, a chiropractor Adelaide may develop a treatment plan. The treatment plan generally includes spinal adjustments and manipulation, exercises to strengthen the neck and shoulders, chiropractic adjustments, special oils or creams, and a modified active lifestyle. A chiropractor will base the treatment plan on the results of the patient’s initial examination. Patients will undergo x-rays and MRI tests to determine the extent of the problem. Once this is determined, the treatment plan will be implemented.