The Best Places to Use Marquee Hire Services

What exactly is a marquee? A marquee, otherwise known as an open-air public space, is an outdoor large indoor structure that may hold a concert, dance, or other events. A marquee can be used indoors for certain events like house shows, theatre, or outdoor sports like roller skating. More commonly used for outdoor parties or social occasions like weddings, stag nights, birthday celebrations, corporate events, public gatherings and more, a marquee is one of the most popular and widely used public spaces around SA. A marquee can be rented privately or in groups. Find marquee hire Adelaide that are open to the public and not pay for the use of the space.

find marquee hire AdelaideSome of the events that marquee hire services often cater to include weddings, debuts, concerts, school proms, parades, film shows, festivals and grand openings. The size of the venue is also important. Commonly, marquees are found in a single colour; hence, there can be one red, two black or three white. However, if you have a specific colour theme in mind, just let the company know so that the curtains and marquee match your colour scheme. The clear front panel will help to prevent bad or muddy visibility on your wedding day or on any other day for that matter. Usually, marquees are constructed from aluminium, wood or fabric.


Maidstone, a small town on the tip of South Wales, is best known for its archaeological remains and beautiful gardens. Its famous attractions include the Cleopatra stone, Stonehenge, the marina transporting travellers to Cleopatra’s house, and Giza’s mysterious buried city. Due to the fascinating features of Maidstone, the town has been named as one of the UK’s top 30 places to live. Several marquee hire services are located in and around Maidstone.


Just across from Maidstone, there is the town of Surrey. Surrey is well known for its serene environment and picturesque scenery. Two rivers, Sandwell and Moat, flow through the town and create its unique character. The two parks in the area provide great walking and outdoor activities during the summer. Several marquee hire services can be found in and around Surrey.

Free site visit

Due to the unique environment of Adelaide and the surrounding area, many companies opt to offer free site visits. Many SA wedding marquee hire services arrange free site visits during selected periods of the year. For instance, the free site visit days in March and April and the free site visit days in September and October. These days, you can casually take a stroll down the pier and find a marquee hire Adelaide.

Corporate Events

You can find marquee hire Adelaide that also cater for corporate events, trade shows, and conferences. They have a variety of marquees and can customise them to fit your needs and budget. For instance, a trade show marquee can easily be converted into a gala wedding reception hall. Many corporate events in Maidstone use these types of marquees.